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Quick Summary and Introduction.

This site features the latest Google Accelerated Mobile Pages technology. It's also an example of a Reseller website, in the "" format.

Google's latest Algorithm change will affect All Websites beginning July, 2019.
Are you compliant?  It's not something you can ignore.
Click on the appSAVE link for the quick summary, or check the Google AMP technology.

Our Marketing Thrust

We are beginning with

Soon we will be adding,,,, including 7 western states, then on to 

The format is geared to the App user to drive downloads.
See it for yourself.


Proximity Marketing

To see if it will work for you, all you need to do is look at your Customers.

What are they doing?

Engaging someone on their Smart Phones,
Probably NOT you.


Main Log-in to Create an account and make changes or updates.

Now on both Apple and Android.

Full Explanation

Covers all the exclusive features of our system.

The How-to and a full explanation.

Also coming, an Email update system so your clients can stay in the loop, get updates and it's all on Auto-Pilot.

Perhaps you've noticed, Google+ is Gone.

Welcome to the
Next Generation of MAPS

  • You need to understand just how powerful this One Tool can be.
  • As it starts to catch on, more and more users will be downloading.
  • As we become mainstream, the question becomes Will you be conspicous by your absence?

The Find Cash App

The App for Consumers.
Why download it, What it will do, the Reasons 1,000's of folks are already downloading it, and the Links to Download.
In fact, many are calling it the FindCashApp.

If you Understand

It's a fairly hard hitting system designed to work with a leave behind piece.
Why? You won't be able to totally explain the system during a cold call, or even in an appointment.
All you will get is that "Deer in the Headlights" look because the business owner has a lot on their mind and because this is new technology, even if they say they understand They DON'T.
The longer you talk the more questions they will have and the will ALWAYS go into that "Let me think about it..." mode. You get stuck in an endless loop of call backs.

The CLUB for your clients.

Their Initial communication after joining us.

  • Check it out, you are new as well and when you see how it's arranged, you will understand.
  • We keep them in the loop.
  • A follow-up system in the works including an email system for announcements, including Vid-Mail for Video email.

For both Customers and Resellers.

This system will keep resellers in the loop with tips and tricks that are working, ways to increase the bottom line, etc.
It will be a dynamic site because as we find new things that are working, announcements and examples will be made here.
This is currently under construction and to get on our mailing list you just submit a request and we include you. 

You've Got m̶a̶i̶l̶   Video 

Newsletters will either be in regular email or VidMail because sometimes we will Show you what do to and how.
Time to get the Most out of your system.

Time to Grow your Business

Training Section

In addition to the training on the main site, we will have additional Reseller training here. Short little videos will show you How-To for anything the system will do and it's always updating.

For example, one area that is hot is Customer Loyalty. We will show you how to use this to your best advantage.


  • Since your customers tell their system when to send out GeoFence messages, what to send and when, these training videos will keep you in the loop.
  • There are some Do's and Dont's, and we cover them.

As we break into areas, we will use links off "" for customer's quick reference.

It follows the categories in the app and we will rely on input from the field to complete this section.
It's also in the Google AMP format for near instant load speed.

Click on the emblem, see how it works.

Time to "Bring Back the Magic" in Retail

Or in fact, All Businesses that deal with Customers.

Ready to take the Next Step?